MT Horse Consulting Services

Over 20 years experience with owning, buying, selling, and managing horses.

Finding Your Perfect Horse

• Honest & Professional

• Investigating what potential buyers want out of their future horse

• Screening horses for buyers

• Matching the right horse & buyer for a safe, reliable partnership

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KMH Benefits

• Ability and knowledge in evaluating potential horses.
• Facilitate in finding a professional trainer or horse facility to maintain the horse during the off season.
• Arrange transportation of the horse to the owner's ranch and/or facility.
• Facilitate a pre-purchase health/soundness exam with a licensed veterinarian.

Young Girl Preparing Horse For Riding In Arena
Young Girl With Horse Out In Montana Scenery

Fee Info

10% Finder's Fee for Horses Over the Value of $7000
12% Finder's Fee for Horses Under the Value of $7000

Service Fee/Day Tier (measured in totality, round trip)

1-100 Miles $100.00
101-200 Miles $150.00
201-500 Miles $200.00
500+ Miles $200.00 plus $0.50 per mile after 500

Special Considerations:
Travel by airplane, or longhaul travel will be set by separate addendum TBD by consultant/client.

Use of Trailer/Day: $50.00

• Day Fee cannot exceed more than 30% value of cost of horse
• If there is a required arena fee to try out a horse then client must pay all arena fees

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